Ewan and Charley set for “Long Way Up” in 2019

The boys are back at it again. After the series Long Way Round (2004)  and Long Way Down (2007), Ewan and Charley are planning the third part for an epic adventure motorcycle trilogy.

The first series was Long Way Round, where Ewan and Charley rode from the United Kindom to New York (USA) circumnavigating the world. The second part of the series was riding from Johnny Groats in Scotland to Cape Town in South Africa down the east coast of Africa.

Photo: The Long Way Down

That only really leaves the Americas to concur. The most logical scenario will be to start in Ushuaia Argentina, the most southern point of South America and ride to Alaska in the United States of America. A well-trodden overland path that will be made into TV series set to be called The Long Way Up.

There has been no word from Ewan, one of the biggest actors to come out of the UK. But MCN interviewed Charley about the possibility of the trip.

“We are very much in the early planning stages at the moment,” Boorman told MCN. “I’m scared to say too much in case I jinx it, but hopefully it is going to happen.

He also mentioned timing:

“We are all dead keen to make it happen so fingers crossed we will be able to do it in 2019. I honestly can’t wait.”

Charley also took to Twitter to break the news

Let’s hope they get it organized, they have launched adventure motorcycling onto the world stage and inspired thousands to hit the road and seek adventure on two wheels.

This is a possible route they could take:


The biggest questions people have had when this news was announced, was what bike will they ride? For the previous adventures, they used BMW R1200 GS. Charley is a brand ambassador for the British built Triumph and Ewan has ties with the Italian bike manufacturer Moto Guzzi.

What bike would you like them to ride for the Long Way Up? Let us know in the comments below.

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