Long Way Up Motorcycle Gear

Let’s look at the Long Way Up motorcycle gear in a bit more detail. Ewan and Charley’s have used a variety of motorcycle gear for Long Way Up and Long Way Down. Now they need to get geared up got Long Way Up. So far they have used enduro rallye suites, jeans and leather jacket and true to their roots, traditional English motorcycle apparel.

The following is the motorcycle gear that was used for these trips.

Long Way Up Motorcycle Gear


To be announced

They unofficially announced “Long Way Up”

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The Long Way Down Motorcycle Gear


Ewan and charlie sitting on on the southern most point of Africa

Photo: charleyboorman.com

Belstaff customized jackets

Ewan and Charlie on the long way down wearing jackets

Photo: longwayround.com

Belstaff customized trousers


LWD Buffs

 Long way down branded buff

LWD beanies



The Long Way Round Motorcycle Gear


Ewan and Charley showing what gear they use to ride around the world

Photo: https://flic.kr/p/8GozZo

On the Long Way Round enduro gear was used for the first leg of the trip, then more casual gear for the American and Canadian leg.

Part one: From London to Vladivostok

Helmets: Arai Tour X – Arai has discontinued the Arai Tour X, here is the current updated model

Products from Amazon.com

Jackets: BMW Rallye 2

BMW has discontinued the BMW Rallye 2, here is the current updated model

Products from Amazon.com

Pants: BMW Rallye 2

As with the jacket, BMW has discontinued the BMW Rallye 2, here is the current updated model

Products from Amazon.com

Boots Sidi Flexforce SRS

Sidi has discontinued the Flexforce SRS boots, here is the some other popular models that are truly tested on adventures

Products from Amazon.com

For the second leg of the trip more casual riding gear was used. Both wore jeans and leather jackets.

Ewan and Charlie in North America

Photo: https://flic.kr/p/drERPy

Need to know more details? For more information on what gear they wore, the gear they took including the spare parts and electronics it is published in Appendix 2 of the book Long Way Round: Chasing Shadows Across the World. I can not publish it here as it is copyrighted materials. A great read, highly recommended.

Products from Amazon.com

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